Our Story

ADAMO CO. is a lifestyle, health and wellness brand born out of the Gold Coast, Australia. Surrounded by stunning, golden coastline to the East and tropical hinterland to the West, it's difficult to picture a more scenic location.
These surrounds, combined with a love for an organic and natural approach to life, were the driving force behind the creation of ADAMO CO. When you combine a passion for an active and healthy lifestyle with a passion for the care and love of our planet, this is what you get! A brand with your health as a priority, and 100% organic, all-natural and proudly Australian products.
In what has been a wild year that will be remembered for generations to come, it has never been more important to prioritize the state of our health and that of those around us.
At ADAMO CO., we want to enrich the lives of others through not only the tangibles that we offer, but the intangibles that come with re-connecting with ourselves and the people and environment around us. 
If it's been a while since you took the time to appreciate the life all around you, why not start with something as timeless as a tea or a coffee. And no, not the chemically preserved tea bags at your local supermarket, or the freeze-dried instant coffee in a jar, but the real kind made from fresh and natural ingredients grown straight out of the Earth. 
You'll notice a difference immediately, and wonder where we've been all these years. That's okay, we're here now. With the unrivaled health benefits from these natural ingredients that you'll experience in both the short and long term, you'll see and feel the difference in yourself today and reap those benefits for years to come. 
Whether it's looking better at the beach or your next outing, having more energy to do the things you want, or just getting more out of everyday life, we know you'll find what you're looking for here.
It's time to fall back in love with the simple things. Or as the Latins used to say, ADAMO.